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20 year solo sailor and developer of Nimble Navigator Charting Software. I sail a Lyle Hess 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter and have over 100,000 miles on her log.

13 Jun 2011 depart St. Martin 17 Jul 2011 arrive Flores Azores 2296 miles.

I’ve found the light winds. I took a look outside and a small whale surfaced a bit off the starboard quarter of my drifting boat. The beastie made a high speed run toward the boat and stopped 6 meters off to raise it’s head out of the sea and have a good look at me. Continue reading

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12 Jun 2011 – Off to the Azores

I’ve had a good season in St. Martin. 40 more users of Nimble Navigator were added to the roles and I’ll go another crossing without starving. Time to head across before something serious blows through here. The Atlantic system this … Continue reading

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11 Jan 2011 depart Las Palmas Canaries 06 Feb 2011 arrive St. Martin. 2911 miles.

After getting beat-up in a 30 knot east wind with a sea built from square boulders I was soon to be happy that the crossing from the Canaries was done. Continue reading

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Ancient Logs

I’m adding log entries starting back in 1997 when I left Mexico. Check out some of the entries. I’ll keep adding more every week until I reach modern times.

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18 Jun 1997 depart Ua Pou, Marquises 22 Jun 1997 arrive Raroia, Tuamotus. 419 miles.

Building a program to forecast slack water in atoll pass. Based on BA formulas and location/time of moon. Strange to start programming again. Easy to slide back into sailing routine. Getting used to this. Damn tuna stealing my lures. GPS … Continue reading

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May & June 1997 in the Iles Marquises. 261 miles

3 days of good rest in Hiva Oa but big surge and crowded. Had to anchor fore and aft.Off to Tahuata tomorrow, good little party on the Prout tonight. Arrived Tahuata, I’ve got a whole bay to myself. Small village Vai … Continue reading

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Off the wind on this heading
Lie the Marquesas.
I got 28 foot of waterline.
Nicely making way Continue reading

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06 Apr 1997 depart Puerto Vallarta Mexico – 03 May 1997 arrive at Hiva Oa in the Iles Marquises. 2867 miles.

This will be my first ocean crossing, and I’ve got butterflies in my belly. Still solo, and this should be 4 times longer than my longest run so far. I wonder about the stories I’ve heard about long distance solo … Continue reading

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