10 Jul 2012 depart Santa Maria Azores 19 Jul 2012 arrive Portimao Portugal 831 miles.

I’ve a slight hangover from a few drinks with the guys up in town last night. The engine lift pump is dead (impossible to find anything here) but gravity feed straight from the tank seems to be working just fine. The northeast wind I arrived on is still around here at force 5 and gray clouds dominate the overhead.  One reef in the main and the jib out to start with. Already I’m hard on the wind. The new sails are really sweet. This would have been a bit more work with the old sails. 3 days out and the wind is backing to the north and has settled to force 4. But I have to follow it because I’ve dropped a little south in the current, so I’m still close on a port tack. After 2 days the wind is veering to the northeast and has built to force 7 without a cloud in the sky and I’m down to a double reefed main and a #2 jib. This sucks!  200 miles from land and the wind is back down to 5. The night before I will cross the shipping lanes off Cape St. Vincent I heave too for a few hours to make the lane crossing in daylight and for some extra sleep. I’ve crossed these shipping lanes here 3 or 4 times before but this is my first time with AIS. You can look on my Photos page for some shots of the AIS display from Nimble Navigator to get an idea of the traffic around this corner of Europe. AIS made this a walk in the park. I really, really, really, really, really recommend having AIS. Sighted land at 1700 and anchored in Portimao at 0039. 8 days close to the wind is not the sailing I like. Still, it’s better than no sailing at all.

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20 year solo sailor and developer of Nimble Navigator Charting Software. I sail a Lyle Hess 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter and have over 100,000 miles on her log.
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  1. Jane, Erwin, Sofia & Isabel says:

    Good to read about your crossing. Sorry it wasn’t such a good one but like you said – better than no sailing at all; couldn’t agree more! Have a great one in Portugal; and we’re looking forward to seeing you back here. Keep in touch ( and we’ll follow you here) xx

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