Preparing my boat for another crossing

I’m almost finished preparing my boat for another crossing of the Atlantic. I have replaced most of the standing rigging, which has been standing for more than 20 years. And to do it, I’ve been up and down the mast a dozen times. Earlier in the season, with the lighter winds then, this would have been a breeze. But, of course, I’ve waited until the last few weeks to start the work, and my luck with finding moments of clear weather for hanging the new shrouds has been as thin as my wallet after buying the materials to prepare it all. Even my windvane has received a little care and feeding. And it’s amazing how a few new and shiny pieces of stainless can make the rest of the boat look like crap. So I bought two cans of paint, and I’ve put them under my pillow (ok, really in the storage under my bunk). When the Paint Fairies show up, I expect the painting to be done and a quarter for each empty can back under my pillow .

The Atlantic weather pattern this season has been odd. The Azores High, the standard pressure system that sets the path of the east going trades, has stayed well north of the Azores. The results are headwinds sailing towards those islands. So, without heading much farther north than my usual route, my normal landing in Flores might not happen at all his year. That would be 2 seasons gone without a sign in Flores and they’ll think I’m dead. I might even miss the Azores all together and take 2 tacks nonstop to the Canaries. With the excitement of new and exotic untried passages in my future, I’m very glad to have some stronger support helping to keep my mast up.

More when I arrive.

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20 year solo sailor and developer of Nimble Navigator Charting Software. I sail a Lyle Hess 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter and have over 100,000 miles on her log.
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