04 Jun 2012 Sailing back across the Atlantic

So, the season in St. Martin is finished. And it’s time for me to start the yearly trek across the Atlantic to the Canary Islands. My first landfall should be in the Azores on the island of Flores sometime in late June. Since I’ve not stopped in mainland Portugal for some years now, I’m planning to leave the Azores the last week of July and sail to the southern coast of Portugal, the Algarve. I hope to find that some of the folks I once knew there are still around. Then, around the end of August, I’ll leave Portugal for Gran Canaria. So soon I’ll have some more sailing entries to write into the log.

About Quinn

20 year solo sailor and developer of Nimble Navigator Charting Software. I sail a Lyle Hess 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter and have over 100,000 miles on her log.
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  1. Ed Easter s/v Skylark says:

    Hope to see you safe and sound back in St Martin 2013. We should be back there by late April to plan and prep for our 1st trip to Flores. Hope you have a good time on the mainland of Portugal.

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