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10 Jul 2012 depart Santa Maria Azores 19 Jul 2012 arrive Portimao Portugal 831 miles.

I’ve a slight hangover from a few drinks with the guys up in town last night. The engine lift pump is dead (impossible to find anything here) but gravity feed straight from the tank seems to be working just fine. … Continue reading

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26 Jan 2012 depart Las Palmas Gran Canaria 23 Feb 2012 arrive St. Martin 2956 miles.

After 8 seasons in and out of Las Palmas I find I’m sailing later each year. I can blame the wait on light and variable winds until the 25th but the real winds finally showed and the sad time came … Continue reading

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13 Jun 2011 depart St. Martin 17 Jul 2011 arrive Flores Azores 2296 miles.

I’ve found the light winds. I took a look outside and a small whale surfaced a bit off the starboard quarter of my drifting boat. The beastie made a high speed run toward the boat and stopped 6 meters off to raise it’s head out of the sea and have a good look at me. Continue reading

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